Huber Alm Lodge

Hotel Gasthof Huber in Mühlbach above Gais also operates Huber Farm and the Huber Alm lodge in the middle of Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park in South Tyrol.

Following the gentle uphill trail through woods and meadows, our alpine lodge – which offers refreshments – is a 90-minute walk from Hotel Gasthof Huber.

For generations, our family has opened Huber Alm during the summer months to offer refreshments. At first glance, little has changed in Huber Alm over the centuries. To this day, dairy cattle from Huber Farm are brought up to graze at the foot of Huber Alm from the beginning of July onwards. Up to 40 young stock and dairy cows spend the glorious summer months on the pastures around Huber Alm. The long summer season on the alpine pastures has a hugely positive impact on the flavour, nutritional content and nutritional value of the milk produced. Karl, who is a farmer through and through, processes the fresh alpine milk to make butter and acid-curd cheese – just the way he learned from his father as a young cowherd.

Throughout the summer months, guests and walkers can rest and take refreshments in the warm parlour or outside on the terrace of Huber Alm, served by our dairymen and women. Enjoy a simple Alpine dish or try our milk, fresh from the dairy!

Huber Alm is the perfect starting point for lovely mountain tours in the surrounding “three-thousanders”. There are seven such mountains in the immediate vicinity, including the “Black Wall” and the “Windschar”.

Nowadays, modernity has finally caught up with Huber Alm. The cows are no longer milked by hand, but using a modern milking system. Huber Alm also operates a small hydroelectric power station which generates electricity for the lodge.

In autumn, the cattle are ceremonially herded down from the mountain pastures back to Huber Farm. For this procedure, the dairy cows and young stock are adorned with garlands and opulent bells as they make their way back to their home barns. To say thank you for keeping the cattle safe all summer on the mountain pastures and for their safe return, a small party is celebrated back on the farm with music and dance.